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Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary

Keeping them safe – fencing for farm sanctuary friends


Just last month, the Valley was visited by local dogs, who, without supervision, caused great distress and upset to a number of the Sanctuary residents.  Fortunately the commotion was heard as someone was close by, meaning the dogs could be chased off the property and the animals comforted after their fright, before injury occurred.   Unfortunately not all our beautiful canine friends at neighbouring properties have responsible owners.

The shock visit reminded us that our animals housed in the westerly area of the Sanctuary are at risk from unplanned visitors.  This had not been the first time that unpredictable and unsupervised canines had come by and highlighted our need to keep our residents safe from harm.  Concerned that the next visit may bring more harm that just a fright to the animals, we are needing to build dog proof fencing as soon as possible. 

Dog attacks can be terrible both for the dogs involved and animals attacked, so the only ethical option is to build dog proof fencing to protect the Sanctuary animals. As the Sanctuary is situated in a Valley, post hole digging is labour intensive and requiring skilled help, so we are needing to raise $15,000 to keep the animals safe.

Any donations, large or small, would be so appreciated to ensure our animals no longer fear unplanned visitors.


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