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Give to the Festival of Repair 24 & spark a repair culture

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"Even before many of us knew what the circular economy was, the Bower Reuse and Repair Centre was at the forefront of repairing, reusing and repurposing household items and building materials...

"25 years is a long time in business; and even more than that, it’s a long time to be dedicated to something.

"I can’t begin to imagine the sheer volume of items you have saved from landfill. How many people you’ve supported by repairing and re-homing perfectly good items.

"It’s inspiring to see that The Bower is not only still going strong after more than two decades, but that you’re ramping up...

“This inspiring [Festival of Repair] is beyond needed. It will help to replace our throw-away culture with a hands-on culture of repair.“   City of Sydney Councillor Adam Worling

Australia's first Festival of Repair in 2023 was a huge success. We want to make the Festival of Repair 2024 bigger and better than ever but we need your help!

Donate today and help us raise $25,000 to launch the second annual Festival of Repair 2024, which will kick off a jam-packed 12 month program of repair activities, workshops, demonstrations, repair cafes and more.

Together we can build on and enrich a growing, vibrant and exciting movement!

A movement which is changing the way we see waste and consumerism, a movement which is sparking innovation, building a new skill base and a different type of economy - a circular economy.  

Speaking on the launch of last year's Festival of Repair, Clr Worling commented:

‘More than half of our household and commercial waste goes to landfill. Data shows that by 2034, there will be no capacity at existing landfill sites in NSW. This is not acceptable, and we need to work together, with social enterprises like The Bower, and our well-intentioned community members, to change bad habits.

‘Reducing waste and its impact on the environment is one of the key ways to lower emissions and to help us meet our ambitious target to reach net-zero emissions by 2035. 

‘The City’s local area alone produces 5,500 tonnes of waste every day. And while recycling is important, the market for recycled products can’t keep up with demand.’

Putting it bluntly, recycling just isn’t enough. The demand for recycled materials and products isn’t yet high enough to make large scale recycling viable.  So we are ending up with a huge backlog. Meanwhile the volumes of waste continue to grow.   

We need to do more, much more to extend the life of the everyday items we use – the electronic goods, the kitchenware, the furniture, the clothes... we need to repair and re-use, before we even consider recycling.

But ‘repair is hard’, ‘repair is expensive’, ‘cheaper and easier to buy a new one’ - how often do we hear this? We’re working to persuade manufacturers and governments to change their attitude and approach, but we can’t wait for them.

We need to change community attitudes too. A reluctance to repair things can come from a lack of knowledge. Some of it is just not knowing where to start. And some of it is not making it a priority and not making the time to do it well.  

We need to inspire, teach, and engage the community. And that’s why we need a ‘Festival of Repair’.  Donate today   

‘The Festival of Repair will help attendees build skills and change behaviours. 

Imagine the sense of accomplishment in learning to reupholster your favourite chair, tackle basic plumbing or hang a shelf. Not to mention the sheer fun of getting together with your neighbours and community to meet with local artists, artisans, the Aboriginal community and fellow DIYers."

Make a tax deductible donation today - before 30 June - and help us raise $25,000 to launch our second annual Festival of Repair 2024, and kick off a jam-packed 12 month program of repair.

From little things big things grow. By empowering local community members with basic repair skills so that their broken household items could be fixed instead of thrown out into landfill, your support can help us foster a cultural change, and ultimately a ‘repair revolution


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