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When Fiona was surrendered to us she had a severely deformed ear and thickening of the ear resulting in secondary infection all the way down to her ear drum. On clinical examination it was realised she would need surgery to correct the problem and this could only be done with particular equipment and a veterinarian skilled in this procedure. 

We contacted our friends at Hobart Community Veterinary Hospital and Dr Stumm agreed to perform the TECA-BO procedure. The term TECA-BO is an abbreviation for Total Ear Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy. This surgery involves the complete removal of the ear canal and tympanic bulla (middle ear), leaving only the ear flap (pinna) remaining.

The procedure went well and Fiona is now recovering in foster care. She will require follow up appointments over the next few weeks to make sure her pain is under control and the surgery site is healing appropriately. 

Once she has fully recovered, Fiona will be made available for adoption and be looking for her forever home. Despite the discomfort of her condition, Fiona is one of the most affectionate cats the vet team have ever met!

We're looking to raise $1,500 to cover the cost of Fiona's vital procedure, with any extra funds raised directed to her ongoing medical care.


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