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Supporting Fire & Burns Victims in Communities Within Austr

The Fire Foundation is Australia's only national charity organisation dedicated to the support of fire and burns victims. The Fire Foundation provides emergency assistance packages to reduce the recovery time for those affected. Assistance includes emergency and temporary accommodation, emergency funds, basic essentials such as food, food vouchers and clothing, transportation, medical and health items, furniture and household goods. Other services include a support service, counselling and relevant referrals.

The Fire Foundation was established in 2011 by Jodee Wyatt, who lost her home and almost lost her own life and the lives of her sons during a violent house fire in the early hours of the morning. It was through this life changing event that Jodee realised Australia needed a national organisation to assist fire victims. Jodee experienced first hand that even the simplest of daily tasks which are normally taken for granted become so much harder when you are left with nothing because of a housefire. This hardship is increased when there are no organisations in place for people to turn to for assistance, guidance and support. So, in 2011, Jodee established the Fire Foundation to meet Australia's need.

The Fire Foundation assists fire and burns victims during the recovery process providing acknowledgment, support (mentally, emotionally and financially), guidance and advice however where ever possible. The Fire Foundation also plays a key role in Australia advocating for appropriate legislation to better protect Australian homes, workplaces and public facilities from the risks of fire and burns and actively promote fire safety and prevention awareness across the community.The role of the Fire Foundation is vital and community support is critical to delivery of services.

The Fire Foundation is committed to supporting Australians who have been affected by fire to recover and rebuild their lives. Each year, many Australians are affected by fire through bushfires, housefires and other fire related accidents. The Fire Foundation provides targeted assistance directly to those affected. The Fire Foundation recognises the challenges associated and understands the needs of fire victims. The Fire Foundation supports those affected by fire in Australia not just immediately following a fire related incident, but into the long term. The level of hardship and frustration that people face after a fire often carries on for months and even years, long after the tragic events have transpired. Fire does not discriminate, so for the Fire Foundation our mission is simple. We aim to provide emergency accommodation, emergency funds and supply basic essentials including food, clothing, toiletries and medical and health products to those affected by fire.

To find out more about the Fire Foundation please visit or call 1300 478 776.

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