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ClimActs is an Australian protest theatre troupe using striking spectacle as well as satire to communicate and educate on the urgency of climate change.

For over two years we've been appearing at rallies, backdropping or intercepting politicians, and protesting at fossil fuel headquarters to demand climate justice. We perform the following acts:

Climate Guardians - Our founding act uses angel imagery to portend the dangers of government inaction on climate change as its threats continue to mount.

Coal Diggers - Hazel Wood and Coral Bleach are prospectors in the Mineral/Beauty Fusion Industries and CO2s of BUMS (Billionaires United Mining Services)

The Flat Earth Institute - Medieval Astronomers from the Flat Earth Institute travel through time from the Universitarse of Climatastrophas (est. 1033AD)

The Frackers Guild - Grave robbing steampunk 'resurrectionists' that have been digging up the earth for centuries to profit from disinterring petrified cadavers and the occasional fossil (not to mention associated fuels)

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