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Climate Justice

Stand up for Climate Justice

We are in a climate emergency and we need urgent action to halt climate change.

Millions of people are already affected and hundreds of millions more people will be displaced without action by the world's rich countries.

Friends of the Earth Australia is working to bring this human face of climate change into the Australian debate and organising key campaigns to highlight the importance of just and viable solutions to climate change.

Our key priorities for the year include:

  • ensuring the emissions trading scheme does not allow international offset loopholes for polluters that hurt the world's poor and will mean the scheme fails
  • campaigning for urgent action to assist climate refugees particularly in the Pacific and Asia where people are already being displaced by rising seas
  • monitoring and advocating for proper regulation of biofuels which may cause more climate change and hurt the world's poor
  • campaigning for an end to coal exports and a moratorium on new coal fired power stations. We want a just transition for coal mining communities to a renewable energy future.
Most of Friends of the Earth's work is done by volunteers so your donation will go a long way.

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