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Ecomarket - The South Melbourne Commons

In 2010, Friends of the Earth created a community hub called the South Melbourne Commons.  The Commons featured social enterprises like an organic food co-op, café, community hall, children's play space, meeting spaces, community gardens, a bicycle repair co-op, health and fitness classes and so much more.  

You can see what we created by visiting the Commons Website.

   Sadly in August 2013, the South Melbourne Commons was forced to close as we were unable to secure a new lease from our landlord.  Whilst the South Melbourne Commons is closed, the idea of the Commons, innovation and building community still lives on.  We invite you to support Friends of the Earth by making a donation that will help us to campaign on the issues that matter and create vibrant social enterprises that build community and create positive alternatives.

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312 Smith Street

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.