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Quit Coal is a volunteer run Melbourne-based collective which campaigns against expansion of the coal and unconventional gas industries in Victoria.

 We use a range of tactics to let the broader Victorian community know about plans for new coal and unconventional gas projects in Victoria, pressure our government to stop investing in fossil fuels, and carry out grassroots community organisation to directly help with the fight. We focus on being strategic, creative, and as much as possible, fun! We hold  rallies , public forums and information nights, do outreach at festivals and community events, lobby politicians, and speak to the media. We also take  peaceful direct action- from creative street theatre to office occupations, and many things in between.



Why should you support Quit Coal?

 Ending the age of fossil fuels is one of the greatest global challenges we face. We believe that building new coal and gas infrastructures locks in decades of polluting, risky, and unsustainable technologies, when we should be moving towards a future with clean, renewable energy. Your money will go directly towards our community organising and outreach campaigns and funding our effective direct actions.  

What have we achieved so far?

 The collective began in 2009 with the Switch off Hazelwood, Switch on Renewables campaign, protesting against continued government support for the Hazelwood Power Station in the La Trobe Valley (embarrassingly regarded as the most polluting power station in the developed world). This grassroots campaign organised community rallies in 2009 and 2010 which incorporated a range of tactics from mass civil disobedience to building the world's largest human-made mock solar thermal plant, forcing a government commitment to Hazelwood's closure. In 2011 the group announced the Stop HRL campaign, a campaign against HRL, a private company which was planning to build a 600MW coal-fired power station in the La Trobe Valley.  This plant would have been the first coal-fired power station to be built in Victoria for twenty years. Luckily, the campaign made sure it never went ahead!

 More recently, Quit Coal has been supporting the strong local community campaign against Mantle Mining's plans to build an open cut brown coal mine in Bacchus Marsh, as well as fighting against Alcoa's planned expansion to the existing coal fired power plant in Anglesea.  Currently, one of our largest campaigns is the  Coal and Gas Free Victoria campaign . We work directly with communities across Gippsland and other areas in rural Victoria to resist the push of coal and unconventional gas (fracking) companies onto their land. It is part of the growing national and global Lock the Gate movement whereby communities aim to remove the social license of mining companies.

In November 2011 Quit Coal officially became a part of Friends of the Earth (FoE) Melbourne and now operates as a FoE collective.

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