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Six Degrees - Coal and Climate Campaign

Six Degrees is a campaign collective of Friends of the Earth Brisbane. We are committed to addressing the root causes of climate change which in Queensland means the phase out of the coal industry.

Our campaign is grounded in the knowledge that broad-based community action is necessary to exert the political pressure needed to break the bond between the coal industry and the State government. To this end we are working with traditional owners and landholders who are losing their land to coal mines and other infrastructure. to exert pressure from all sides.

We see the need for a just transition away from coal dependency to ensure that jobs in the coal industry are replaced by jobs in green industries, and that the end our overall economic dependence on coal is well planned. Six Degrees and will be working with unions, community groups, research institutes and all levels of government to ensure this transition is just and timely.

Please give generously to the Six Degrees campaign. Your support is important and greatly appreciated.

Visit Six degrees website for more information.

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