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Wandoan Coal Mine Legal Challenge

Pushing the envelope: Friends of the Earth vs Xstrata in court

The Wandoan coal mine in Queensland is the first of the new mega mines to be developed in Australia. This mine will be the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere.

Friends of the Earth's line is simple: The Wandoan Coal Project will cause severe and long-term adverse environmental impacts due to the large emission of greenhouse gases contributing to anthropogenic climate change and ocean acidification.

Why we need your help

Barristers and scientists are expensive! This new coal mine must be stopped and we want you to share in our case. It is time to stand up and fight for our climate future.

We're taking the fight to Xstrata. Will you support us?

On behalf of Australia's climate movement we are proud to announce this new legal case against Xstrata and their Wandoan coal mega-mine. We have taking on this fight because the Wandoan mine will be responsible for 1.3 billion tonnes of CO2 pollution over its lifetime (equivalent to over 2 years of Australia's emissions) and displace 11 000 hectares of good quality agricultural land.

As you can imagine we have a challenging time ahead of us, and we are looking for your support during this time. Our challenge to the court and Queensland Government seeks refusal to grant the mining lease, namely, to avoid the large emission of greenhouse gases from the mining and use of the coal.

With the assistance of the Environmental Defenders Office, Friends of the Earth has launched this high-profile case to hold Xstrata publicly accountable for the disastrous impacts of the mine.

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