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To support children and widows both here and overseas particularly in the areas of education and employment. Around the world today it is increasingly hard for children in developing countries to get an education. There are opportunities for the Follow Your Dream Foundation to become involved in building and running schools or sponsoring children to go to school. There are also young men and women who need assistance with starting up their own business. We can provide assistance and guidance as well as finance to help them.

There are pockets in Australia where children are not able to continue their education because of economic reasons or just a lack of interest from the parents. Follow Your Dream Foundation can help with sponsorship and guidance.

Widows in a lot of societies are outcasts. They are denied family support and financial help or it is just not available to them. By the Follow Your Dream Foundation we will be able to provide support in several ways. One way is with micro financing. We provide small loans for ladies to enable them to set up a business and start earning an income.

We can also make donations of sewing machines to allow these women to make clothing to sell.

We can provide a goat so they can have milk in the family and the excess can be sold and therefore gain an income. Ladies are encouraged to increase their goat heard so as the goat's milk decreases the goat can be killed for meat in societies where this is allowed.

Countries identified as the initial areas to work in. There are of course many more are; Australia ~ China ~ India ~ Africa ~ Indonesia.

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