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Thank you for joining us! Forget Me Not Australia is committed to providing vulnerable children with a future with your help by providing shelter, education and most importantly, love. Forget Me Not Australia was established in 2006. All of our work in India Nepal and Uganda gives children a better future and helps to build strong families and communities.

ProjectH.E.L.P works in aid of extremely vulnerable children and their families residing in slum districts in New Delhi where families have lived in appalling conditions for generations. 

Your generosity will help break the cycle of poverty through educational opportunitites for children and earning opportunitites for adults.

The focus of Project H.E.L.P is health, education, livelihood and possibilities. The empowerment of the women in this community is an important part of our strategy to find lasting solutions to the suffering faced by these families.

The Brighter Futures Study Centres provide free school readiness program education program for children from the slum communities. They are taught basic classroom skills, participation, cooperation, art, music, and early numeracy and literacy. These are the requirements to enter formal schooling. The Centre also works with families and local authorities to obtaining birth certificates for the children in preparation for formal school enrolment. It's a WIN WIN for children and for you as your donation directly makes this possibie!

Thanks for joining projectHELP - Every Child Matters!

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