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Fragile X Association of Australia Inc

Fragile X


FRAGILE X is a family of conditions caused by alterations (expansions) in the FMR1 gene on the X chromosome.   These conditions include Fragile X syndrome, which is the leading cause of inherited intellectual disability and the most common-known single gene cause of autism.    Around 90,000 people in Australia, children and adults, are impacted by Fragile X in some way.

Fragile X Association of Australia is a small national charity which serves as the peak body and support organisation for the Fragile X community across Australia.  
Our funding is from donations and fundraising.  

About Us

Support and Information on Fragile X  

We offer information, education, advocacy and referrals to people who are impacted by Fragile X-associated disorders and to their families, carers and health an d disability service providers.

  • Helpline 5 days per week
  • Counselling support to individuals and families
  • Information and referrals
  • Access to Fragile X clinics

Making Fragile X known

Fragile X-associated disorders are frequently under-recognised and often misdiagnosed. (Fragile X disorders: Don't Miss Them)
Early and accurate diagnosis of any Fragile X condition is key to securing the appropriate treatments and supports, and so we work to increase awarenesss of Fragile X, especially in the medical and allied health communities.

YOUR DONATION will help give us the capacity to continue providing support to the Fragile X community and effectively raising awareness of Fragile X-associated disorders.


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