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Friends Vision is a small grassroots organisation which was formed in 2009 to help give children and communities the chance to have a brighter tomorrow. Our vision is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children to break the cycle of poverty and overcome the trauma many have experienced to enable them to reach their potential in life. Friends Vision was formed on this basis and has since established a number of projects which have the purpose of providing life-changing opportunities to vulnerable and at-risk children and young people, to raise money to sustain this work and to work closely with the local communities.   

How will the funds be used?

Child Sponsorship

Our Child Sponsorship program is a holistic program that encompasses quality education and self-empowerment through education, mentorship and training that provides disadvantaged children the chance to reach their full potential in life.  The program offers a Primary and High School education at quality Kenyan schools including all resources, uniforms, tuition fees, books, field trips, transport, food and supplies required to complete school.  Friends Vision also provides physical and psychological support and care for all children in the program plus life skills training, mentorship and a four-year transitioning program following the end of High School for young adults to create a sustainable future. 

To join this program, please enter your regular monthly donation amount above to set up your account.  Please select the Child Sponsorship option to direct your donation to on the next page.

Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer program invites people from all corners of the globe to travel to Kenya and share incredible experiences together.  If your application has already been processed and you have been accepted into our program, please make your payments using the ‘one-off’ payment option above.  Please select the Volunteer Program option to direct your donation to on the next page.

Please note that 50% of your total fees should be paid upfront to confirm your booking. Your final payment of the remaining 50% must be paid 2 weeks prior to your placement start date. If payments are not made, you may risk being withdrawn from the volunteer program.

Self-Sustainable Projects

Friends Vision has a focus on generating a self-sustainable income in Kenya to cover our ongoing (and increasing) administration costs to keep our organisation running.  Our projects aim to both support the financial sustainability of Friends Vision and give back to the community at the same time.  They have been set up to work together with local communities and offer employment opportunities for people in our programs.

To support our self-sustainable projects, please make your payments using the ‘one-off’ payment option above.  Please select the Self-Sustainable Project option to direct your donation to on the next page.

General Donation

There are always areas within Friends Vision that require financial assistance with ever increasing fees and unexpected costs.  With this option you are able to make a general donation to Friends Vision and we will direct it to the project or program most at need.  To do this, please make your payments using either ‘one-off’ or ‘regular donation’ payment option above.  Please select the General Donation option to direct your donation to on the next page.

Key areas of expenditure

Friends Vision has different key areas of expenditure depending on which program you which to support.  For more information on each of our projects and where your money will be used please visit or contact us at Please note, all donations made in Australia are tax deductable.

Friends Vision and the children we work with thank you for allowing us to continue working for a brighter tomorrow.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.