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Every child in this world, either from east or west has a right to good food, safe drinking water, shelter, clothing, health care and an education. It is regrettable that the majority of children in developing countries lack most of the above, if not all. Some go without a meal for days on end, while others live in slums where health care is unheard of, hence exposing them to a lot of deadly health hazards. No person, let alone a child should be forced to live in these conditions.

Friends Vision was formed in 2009 to help give children and communities the chance to have a brighter tomorrow. Our vision is to create a hopeful, healthy and happy tomorrow for underprivileged children and societies around the world. Today we have new and developing projects around Kenya that are helping us to achieve our vision and with your help we can make a difference!

How will the funds be used?

Friends Vision has a range of different projects on offer. You can select which one you would like your donation to support by clicking your designated project name from the drop down box at the end of the payment page.

Friends Vision Children's Home

Your donation to this project will help us build (due to start building in April 2011) and maintain our own children's home for the orphaned and vulnerable children whom we have been working with since 2007. Our mission is to provide a stable foundation for orphaned children who have lost their parents or have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to provide a loving, safe, family environment that enables children to a happy, educated, skilled and healthy life. This is a huge project that will continue to need ongoing support for the years to come, so we are looking for monthly recurring donors to help us with our expenses including; providing nourishing food, clean, safe drinking water, health/medical care, schooling and education, clean warm clothing and a safe loving home for our children. A complete rundown of all prices and expenses are outlined in our proposal accessible through our website. Both the one off and recurring donation buttons can be used for this project.

Child Sponsorship

Friends Vision offers two child sponsorship programs, described on our website. Your donation will pay for everything your child needs through their time at a local boarding school including; school uniforms, books, school and boarding fees, shoes, casual clothing, food, travel to and from school and a guardian to look after your child during their time at school. Our program truly gives these children a chance in life they would have never have gotten without you. Please read our sponsorship options, terms and conditions carefully before sending through your donation. Both the one off and recurring donation buttons can be used for this project, depending on which sponsorship plan you have chosen.

Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program allows people from every corner of the globe to visit Kenya and have the experience of a life time. We offer a range of different volunteer options, but our most popular is to work with the beautiful children in different children's homes (orphanages) around Kenya. If you have already been accepted through the Friends Vision application process, please use this option to pay your volunteer fees. Only the one off donation button can be used for this option.

General Friends Vision Donation

You can choose to support one of our other smaller projects, outlined below.

  • $25 - Buys a simple educational kit for underprivileged children or a life saving mosquito net.
  • $50 - Buys a goat or sports equipment kit for children's homes.
  • $100 - Buys and plants 5 fruit trees for self sustainability or 3 warm blankets for needy children.
  • $500 - Buys a complete chicken coop of 500 chickens or 2 cows allowing for a source of sustainable income and nourishment for the children.
  • $1,000 - A stable full of animals or a piki piki (motorbike used as a taxi) allowing for a source of income and nourishment for the children.

Or you can enter your own amount which will give Friends Vision the opportunity use your donation on the project most in need of funds at the time of donation. This project title can also be used for different appeals we email and contact you about i.e our 'Christmas appeal' etc. Both the one off and recurring donation buttons can be used for this option.

Key areas of expenditure

Friends Vision has different key areas of expenditure depending on which program you which to support.

Our biggest need for funds is for the building and maintenance of our children's home. The major expenses will be on the actual building of these homes and community centre. Please read our childrens home proposal for full details assessable through our website.

For more information on each of our projects and where your money will be used please visit

Friends Vision and our kids thank you for allowing us to work for a brighter tomorrow.







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