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Gaby is walking 1800 kms to raise awareness and $$$ to save Rhinos.

Follow her at or on Facebook and support her quest.

To survive cancer, Gabriele (Gaby) walks as a key part of her treatment.

To help rhinos survive, Gaby will walk and walk across Germany. The route of 1,800 kms (1,100+ miles) will trace the outline of a huge rhino horn. Covering many major cities, plus smaller towns and villages, the walk commenced on April 30 2013 will take about 7 months.

Join Gaby along the path - walk with her, or support her cause on your own local walk.

Follow Gaby's progress online via your favourite social media. Pass on messages of encouragement for the walk and hope for the future of rhinos on our earth.

Sponsor Gaby in this desperate fight against extinction.

Learn about the plight of rhinos. Learn about ways you can help their survival. Learn how exercise helps the body fight cancer. Learn about cancer treatment options.

Who is Gaby?

Gaby was born is a small village near the Rhine in Germany, between Bonn and Koblenz.

She migrated to Australia in 1980, so now has two homelands. Having lived in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane she now calls Willunga in South Australia home. The walk could have been in Australia, but Gaby is having further cancer treatments in Germany and so she will be closer to the clinic by doing this major walk in Europe.

Gaby has always been passionate about environmental and animal conservation, with rhinos holding a special place in her heart. She has been seething with the treatment rhinos have had from humankind, especially the cruelty of poaching for NO medicinal benefits. Now Gaby is ready to do something positive for their future. Her walk aims to raise awareness of the plight and to raise needed funds to help protect and conserve the remaining rhinos so they can breed and prosper.

Working with The SAVE AFRICAN RHINO FOUNDATION to support fabulous projects that will ensure
a) the money goes to the best places to do the most good for the rhinos
b) your donations will receive tax deductibility to help you

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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