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Gawura are running a grassroots fundraising campaign in June, powered by regular people like you and me who want to unlock education for Indigenous kids.

Izak’s family are from the Ngarrindjerri & the Pitjantjara Nations.  Izak is in year 12 at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. A generous family have paid his school fees right through high school.  He will graduate in five short months and will be the first student to have started in Kindergarten at Gawura and have gone right through to Year 12. 

Gawura is the first free standing, deliberately all Indigenous school in NSW in the independent sector.

Izak hopes to study medicine next year so that he can give back to his community. 

He has matured into a wise and generous student who gives so much to our other Indigenous students and to the wider school.  He is the embodiment of reconciliation, just like his Great, Great Great Grandfather, David Uniapon the preacher and inventor who we see every day on the $50 note. 

Gawura is a junior school for local Indigenous kids located inside St Andrew’s Cathedral School in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.  The school is deliberately small with 32 children from K-6.  Our students are from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and some families experience intergenerational trauma.

When students finish year 6 they are given a scholarship at St Andrew’s Cathedral School where they have the support of a full time Aboriginal Education Mentor. 

Our focus is on numeracy and literacy is intensive but we weave culture and learning into every aspect of the school day. Students learn Wiradjuri language and get to experience the world around them on cultural excursions every term.  Older students go On Country every year to see how language and culture are intertwined.    

As a country it is our shame that in 6 years it is projected that 50% of our total prison population will be Indigenous – that’s coming from 3.4% of the population.  86% of the national prison population have not completed year 12.

Today, I’d like to ask for your support to help us create ripples of one child across a family and a whole community. 

Please help Gawura by creating a “CrowdRaiser” on GiveNow. This will give you a fundraising page linked to our cause, which you can share with friends, family and peers.  

Your support will help our year six class transition to high school.  Our aim is to raise enough to cover one student’s fees in year 7.  We want to set all of our students on the path to success in the crucial years ahead.


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