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GeneEthics! works through education and advocacy for the precautionary principle, independent scientific evidence, and rigorous laws to apply to all proposed uses of Genetic Manipulation (GM) techniques and their products, especially on farms, in food and medicine.

We advocate and educate to achieve GM-free foods from seed to spoon; food safety and labelling; seed sovereignty; no synthetic chemical use or GM contamination; and for regenerative, ecological farming systems.

We generate and distribute accurate educational information and analysis on the ethical, environmental, social, health and economic impacts of GM processes and products, to inform the public, policy-makers and interest groups.

This GeneEthics!/ATOM GiveNow page offers you tax deductibility for your donations. They are credited to the ATOM Gift Fund, to support our joint GM-free food, farm and related education programs. To comply with Australian Tax Office rules, your donations are allocated to the joint program at the sole discretion of Australian Teachers of Media Inc. (ATOM | ABN 84 393 760 027).

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