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GiveNow Week for Community Groups

Community groups of Australia: this is your chance to get giving on the radar!

GiveNow Week - November 27 - December 3 – is an Australia-wide event designed to focus attention on the many ways we can make a difference to the lives of others. 

The holiday season has long been known as a time of giving – this year, you can help to create a giving bonanza in your community! 

There are so many ways you and your group can help out this Christmas – we've outlined just a few of these below.

Spread the word.

Your group can help to spread the word about GiveNow Week by seeking some publicity. Tell the world what you do, why you're great and why they should support you and the community this Christmas. 

If you need some help, you can download a number of GiveNow Week 2016 images, to display in either your online or print media.

List your cause.

GiveNow has collected almost $70 million for Australian community groups. Currently, there are well over 3500 community groups listed. Make sure yours is one of them! Throughout GiveNow Week (and throughout the year) we’ll be pushing donor traffic into GiveNow. Find out more and to sign up, simply visit

Tell people about your cause.

The more people who know about your cause, the more chance you have of collecting a donation yourself and also spreading the word about GiveNow Week and why people should be giving to the community this Christmas. Put a link to your appeal on all your printed and electronic materials – every single thing that leaves your office – and encourage people to donate.

List a Christmas appeal.

Many groups schedule their major fundraising efforts at this time of year. Along with the general appeals listing, GiveNow has a specific link for Christmas appeals. When you list a new appeal, simply put ‘Christmas’ in the heading.

 To register a Christmas appeal, simply submit an appeal application at List Your Cause.

Get others involved.

Tell everyone you know about GiveNow Week. Email them with a link to this site (