COVID-19 Generosity Registry

This service helps connects not-for-profit organisations facing COVID-19-related challenges with individuals who have the will and capacity to help.

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Posted on 06/05/2020

START Foundation Limited

ABN: 78 964 632 632 | Location: Glen Eira City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) Sport & RecreationSocial Sciences

Assistance Sought Financial Donation

START foundation empowers amputees in life through sport by providing funding to purchase sports prosthesis or adaptive sports equipment so they may achieve their sporting dreams. Like many charities throughout ...

Posted on 14/05/2020

Hair Aid Inc

ABN: 72 170 732 477 | Location: Brisbane City Council, Queensland

Community Segment(s) Social SciencesCommunity development

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoiceMembership

Income has plummeted to a total of $0. Our income was reliant on volunteers paying to attend projects and with all events cancelled, we are now without any income. In ...

Posted on 05/05/2020

St John's Community Services Limited

ABN: 40 107 907 335 | Location: Council of the City of Sydney, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) Human servicesSocial SciencesHuman rightsCommunity development

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoice

St John’s Community Services has been serving the homeless and marginalised community of Darlinghurst for the past 24 years through our Rough Edges cafe. We support our patrons through offering ...

Posted on 26/05/2020

The Generous and the Grateful

ABN: 50 467 061 035 | Location: Ryde City Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) Human servicesSocial SciencesHuman rightsEnvironment

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoiceBushfire Help

Demand has risen and supply of goods and volunteers was low during lockdown. The cost of putting together and making home furniture deliveries to turn rentals into comfy homes to ...

Posted on 12/05/2020

Baby Give Back

ABN: 22 616 236 983 | Location: Gold Coast City Council, Queensland

Community Segment(s) HealthHuman servicesSocial Sciences

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTime

Due to COVID-19, Baby Give Back was forced to close our doors to donated goods and volunteers. During this time, we experienced an increase of requests for assistance, with March ...

Posted on 08/08/2020

Thrive Sunshine Coast

ABN: 35 632 596 180 | Location: Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Queensland

Community Segment(s) Human servicesSocial SciencesEducationArts and culture

Assistance Sought Financial DonationTimeMembershipSponsor

The Thrive team are keen to speak with you about a partnership, as we cannot continue our work without the support and enthusiasm of our corporate partners. Sponsorships can be ...

Posted on 12/05/2020


ABN: 53 094 161 974 | Location: Monash City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) Human servicesSocial SciencesEducation

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoiceMembership

bestchance works to support families who are vulnerable and in need. COVID19 circumstances have increased pressure on our resources to support families in a practical way with food, bill payments ...

Posted on 13/12/2020

Meninya Health Indigenous Corporation (ICN 9384

ABN: 27 250 581 573 | Location: Murray River Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) HealthSocial SciencesCommunity developmentEducation

Assistance Sought

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our organisation in many ways. Staff not able to cross the border due to restrictions, extra costs for infection control and cleaning, the staff have ...