COVID-19 Generosity Registry

This service helps connects not-for-profit organisations facing COVID-19-related challenges with individuals who have the will and capacity to help.

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Posted on 20/05/2020

Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre

ABN: 64 473 551 336 | Location: City of Bunbury, Western Australia

Community Segment(s) Environment

Assistance Sought Financial Donation

Our Conservation projects rely exculsively on funds raised through our Tourism activities. With the advent of the Covid Crisis these Tourism funds have completely evaporated and we risk 25 years ...

Posted on 17/12/2020

Dolphin Research Australia

ABN: 42 095 866 467 | Location: Tweed Shire Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) Environment

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsMembership

Our conservation programs focus on increasing the knowledge, awareness and protection of marine life and their habitats. We rely on funds raised through events, market stalls and services to support ...

Posted on 06/05/2020

HOOFS2010 Incorporated

ABN: 45 577 233 292 | Location: Berrigan Shire Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentAnimal welfare

Assistance Sought Financial Donation

Sadly Covid 19 has effected our wonderful supporters and donations are at an all time low. We have 30 Brumbies in care and a mammoth task to meet the finale ...

Posted on 29/05/2020

Frog Safe, Inc.

ABN: 20 283 137 035 | Location: Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Queensland

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentAnimal welfare

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeMembershipvolunteers

Because of Covid, we lost all our volunteers except our live-in person and donations have dropped to almost zero. Our group is volunteer only and an essential service. During the ...

Posted on 14/08/2020

Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group Inc.

ABN: 24 900 856 088 | Location: City of Mandurah, Western Australia

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentEducation

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoiceMembership

We would normally be out in the community reaching out to people and keeping our profile high. Our biggest challenge is to find and fund new ways of connecting with ...

Posted on 05/05/2020

Save African Rhino Foundation

ABN: 44 390 303 534 | Location: City of Vincent, Western Australia

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentAnimal welfare

Assistance Sought Financial DonationMembership

We are the world's second oldest save the rhino charity, 33 years since inception. Our main fundraising season is May - September, and all events have been postponed -our annual ...

Posted on 16/12/2020

Wirambi Landcare

ABN: 83 626 789 197 | Location: City of Melville, Western Australia

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentScience

Assistance Sought Membership

Wirambi Landcare, is a not-for-profit conservation organisation based in Perth, Western Australia. Our aim is to improve the health and condition of local ecosystems and monitoring endangered species to further ...

Posted on 18/05/2020

Northern Rivers Community Foundation

ABN: 62 853 581 899 | Location: Ballina Shire Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) HealthEnvironmentHuman servicesHuman rights

Assistance Sought Financial Donation

The Northern Rivers Community Foundation connects people and communities to tackle tough, urgent social and environmental problems in the Northern Rivers NSW. After a tragically challenging summer with the impact ...

Posted on 15/06/2020

Canberra Pet Rescue

ABN: 92 287 616 075 | Location: Unincorporated ACT, Australian Capital Territory

Community Segment(s) Community developmentEnvironmentAnimal welfareHuman services

Assistance Sought Financial DonationFacebook

We are a volunteer-run charity dedicated to the rescue and care of animals in need. We save hundreds of desperate animals each year, and also help pet owners who are ...

Posted on 23/07/2020

Project AWARE

ABN: 90 716 543 018 | Location: Northern Beaches Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentEducationScience

Assistance Sought Financial Donation

8 million tonnes of debris enters the world's oceans every year, equivalent to dumping a garbage truck into the ocean every minute of the day! The social, economic and environmental ...

Posted on 08/11/2020

Gift of Bread

ABN: 76 169 042 620 | Location: Inner West Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) Community developmentEnvironmentUnknown or not classifiedHuman services

Assistance Sought Financial DonationTimeFacebook

Gift of Bread reaches 10,000 people every day. We reach out to help the forgotten, the unknown, the vulnerable, the lonely, the isolated and the most needy around us. We ...

Posted on 26/05/2020

The Generous and the Grateful

ABN: 50 467 061 035 | Location: Ryde City Council, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentHuman servicesHuman rightsSocial Sciences

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoiceBushfire Help

Demand has risen and supply of goods and volunteers was low during lockdown. The cost of putting together and making home furniture deliveries to turn rentals into comfy homes to ...

Posted on 30/10/2020

Disaster Relief Australia

ABN: 44 614 474 010 | Location: Unincorporated NSW, New South Wales

Community Segment(s) Agriculture, fisheries and forestryCommunity developmentEnvironmentUnknown or not classified

Assistance Sought TimeMembershipFacebook

Posted on 13/05/2020

Cultivating Community

ABN: 26 998 940 299 | Location: Yarra City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) HealthCommunity developmentEnvironmentEducation

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoods

We need funds to rethink and grow our community cooking projects, to relaunch our High Rise Bakery Project as a Social Enterprise, to support more schools with food gardens and ...

Posted on 05/05/2020

Port Phillip EcoCentre

ABN: 66 852 809 680 | Location: Port Phillip City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) Community developmentEnvironmentEducationScience

Assistance Sought Financial DonationTimeMembership

When it comes to helping people help nature and climate, we're making sure no one is left out just because they're staying in - your donation helps enable a range ...

Posted on 05/05/2020

Foothills Community Care

ABN: 82 448 449 948 | Location: Greater Dandenong City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) HealthEnvironmentHuman servicesHuman rights

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoice

We rely heavily on donations to continue our work each week. The demands on our service continue to grow each year as we walk with individuals and families through our ...

Posted on 05/05/2020

Care Australia

ABN: 46 003 380 890 | Location: Melbourne City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) Community developmentInternational relationsEnvironmentEducation

Assistance Sought Financial Donation

COVID-19 has now reached some of the world’s most poverty-stricken and conflict-ravaged communities where healthcare systems are already weak and under-resourced, and supplies have been wiped out by disaster or ...

Posted on 27/05/2020

Friends of Kororoit Creek

ABN: 34 615 852 093 | Location: Brimbank City Council, Victoria

Community Segment(s) Community developmentEnvironmentEducation

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeMembership

We have canceled our large scale community planting events and have sold around half our plants as we thought we weren't going to be able to plant them! We are ...

Posted on 05/05/2020

Western Australian Seabird Rescue (Inc.)

ABN: 36 136 316 884 | Location: City of Perth, Western Australia

Community Segment(s) EnvironmentAnimal welfareEducation

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoods

Financial donations are needed to allow us to cover the costs of veterinary treatments, medications and food such as fish. Many birds cost ~$7/day to feed alone. We also need ...

Posted on 05/07/2020


ABN: 48 525 282 918 | Location: Gold Coast City Council, Queensland

Community Segment(s) Community developmentEconomic developmentEnvironmentArts and culture

Assistance Sought Financial DonationGoodsTimeVoiceMembershipKOMBUMERRI BEE PTY LIMITED Our Joint Venture Partner (Native Bees and Proposed Permaculture and Market Farm)

We exist on government donations and philanthropic support. We also obtain income from Welcomes to Country and from hiring out out dance troupe, song man and didgeridoo players. We advocate ...