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Bicycles for Humanity (WA) Inc.

ABN: 66 157 631 327
Community development
City of Swan, Western Australia
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more than 100

COVID-19 has disrupted our ability to provide life changing mobility, in the form of bicycles to communities at at time when they need it more than ever before. As movement and gathering restrictions ease, our plan is to catch up for lost time, and to accelerate delivery capacity into Africa from two container loads of bikes to three, or more, annually. At the same time we will be ramping up our program to supply bikes to schools in remote Western Australian communities. To achieve these goals we need three commodities - donated second-hand bikes, volunteer time to repair and load them for shipping and around $10,000 per container to Africa, or $1,000 per pallet of bikes transported overland to remote WA. Help us help underprivileged people living in remote rural communities improve their lives by improving mobility to access food, water, education, employment and health care.

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