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Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre

ABN: 64 473 551 336
City of Bunbury, Western Australia
Annual Budget
not disclosed
Number of paid staff
11 - 20
Number of volunteers
more than 100

Our Conservation projects rely exculsively on funds raised through our Tourism activities. With the advent of the Covid Crisis these Tourism funds have completely evaporated and we risk 25 years Conservation, Education, Research, Volunteer and Aquaculture projects being susended or possibly cancelled. These programs include dolphin identification and data collection, our marine turtle rescue program, seahorse breeding, supporting our community volunteers, creating marine awareness through education etc. We are a Not for Profit, community organisation, we have recently received DGR charity status so any financial donations will be tax deductible. Information on donations, Sponsorships, Animal Adoptions and volunteering can be found on our website, or by emailing our Conservation Manager,


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