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CHIPS (Christians Helping In Primary Schools)

ABN: 94 885 935 447
Casey City Council, Victoria
Annual Budget
not disclosed
Number of paid staff
11 - 20
Number of volunteers
more than 100

COVID-19 has changed our work and lives in big ways.

Most of our work happens face-to-face in schools or in the community, so we’ve had to quickly adjust our approach to make sure we can still support local children. 

CHIPS is needed now more than ever. 

For lots of vulnerable children, home is not a safe or uplifting place. Many kids rely on school, church, and visiting extended family to be a safe space when home is not.

We’re doing everything we can right now to make sure no child is left behind: 

  • Captain Eric is visiting local primary schools and providing practical support through stationery and education packs for teachers and also emotional support to school staff with vulnerable relatives.
  • Our dedicated volunteers have been helping us assemble and deliver home activity bags which are packed full of exciting resources, high quality stationery items, as well as calming and connection aids to assist isolated children.
  • Our Chaplains have found new ways to work remotely with children and their parents/guardians. (They're finding that they now spend as much time supporting and assisting the families as they do the children!) 
  • We've linked with local charities to provide food hampers to vulnerable families, and also directly supplied families with toilet paper and toiletries during the run on stores.
  • We've also provided Churches and Christian schools with online teaching material for children and families on how to cope, connect and keep calm with each other during isolation.

We need your help to weather this storm! 

In uncertain times, vulnerable children are even more at-risk - which is why our work is more important than ever.

But as with many organisations, we’re also facing the financial challenges of COVID-19 and the recession. This could make or break the future of CHIPS.

For 21 years, CHIPS has been able to help thousands of children flourish because we’re supported by people like you and we appreciate anything you can give to sustain our work.

Thank you for being our Champions!

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