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Collective Being Foundation

ABN: 24 521 449 566
Community development Economic development
Darebin City Council, Victoria
Annual Budget
not disclosed
Number of paid staff
11 - 20
Number of volunteers

collective being is a Melbourne-based non-profit organisation that supports community health and wellbeing through the delivery of healing-centred mindfulness, yoga, and movement-based programs. Via innovative partnership models, our work dismantles the economic and social barriers that limit many people in our community from accessing wellbeing services. 

Due to COVID-19, our 10 Community Partnership Programs are currently on pause. Prior to coronavirus, these programs delivered weekly trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness and social connection activities to ten different communities around Melbourne, including children, youth and adults. 

Whilst we are currently unable to run our programs, we are able to deliver mental and physical wellbeing resources for families and individuals in need. We are calling these resources 'Community Care Kits' as they will provide tools, games and activities that support individual and collective mindfulness, wellbeing, togetherness and peace.

We are aiming to raise enough funds to deliver 'Community Care Kits' to all 10 of our Program Partners, who will disseminate amongst families and individuals in need. 

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