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Collective Shout

ABN: 30 162 159 097
Education Human rights Human services Public safety
Council of the City of Sydney, New South Wales
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
4 - 10
Number of volunteers
5 or fewer

Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls founded 10 years ago. Our movement is for anyone concerned about the increasing pornification of culture and the way its messages have become entrenched in mainstream society, presenting distorted and dishonest ideas about women and girls, sexuality and relationships.

COVID-19 has halted Collective Shout’s school, parent, and influencer engagement - at a time of increased predator activity, cyber grooming, and exposure to explicit imagery. While the risk of harm to young people has increased as a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns (confirmed by UNICEF and the AFP), there is a critical gap in protecting them.

Although we have been unable to engage in face to face education during this time, we have continued our campaigns and seen recent wins against global companies such as e-commerce platform Alibaba which has undertaken to stop the sale of child sex abuse dolls.

We rely on generous public donations, corporate donations and fundraising from our supporters to fuel the movement to continue our vital work.

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