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Dialogue in the Dark - Cairns

ABN: 53 379 621 192
Unknown or not classified Information and communications Arts and culture Education
Cairns Regional Council, Queensland
Annual Budget
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Number of paid staff
Number of volunteers
5 or fewer

We are currently working on bringing this wonderful experience to Cairns. We are looking for financial donations, sponsorships as well as sharing our project.


Dialogue in the Dark has created a platform of encounter between sighted and blind people for more than 30 years. It is a shared experience which creates social empathy, trust and inclusion. Dialogue in the Dark facilitates personal encounter and exchange. and our goal is to bring this fantastic experience to Cairns.

The concept is remarkably simple: while in completely dark spaces, blind people guide an audience, in small groups, through the exhibition space. Through the use of diverse smells, air drafts, temperature changes, sounds and textures, different sceneries are recreated. For example: a park, a city, a market, a boat ride, a sound chamber, and a bar. By eliminating the use of vision, everyday situations become completely new experiences.

In this way, the roles are reversed: the blind, who are used to not relying on vision for their everyday lives, become un-impaired in a dark setting. Here, they become the guides, and they guarantee orientation, and mobility; they become ambassadors of a world where images do not matter.

The seeing visitors, on the other hand, are stripped from their social routines and perceptive habits. Deprived of their main sense of perception, they come to confront their own limitations. Here, they become impaired and have to trust a stranger, while coming to rely on a social group relationship in order to go through a most basic experience.

Dialogue in the Dark is a wonderful experience that takes just one hour of your busy life to bring one’s mindset into a different understanding and appreciation of human behavior and awareness. It is truly an opportunity not to be missed.

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