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Even Keel Bipolar Disoder Support Association

ABN: 45 196 235 606
Community development Health
City of Kalamunda, Western Australia
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
1 - 3
Number of volunteers
6 - 20

The Covid-19 Pandemic came incredibly fast, caused great panic and resulted in closing of all our face to face support sessions for our vulnerable clients.  Social distancing, and shut downs of venues, required us to transition onto online platforms.  Right now, we need donations of any size, new corporate members, who can help to fund this transition, the purchase of equipment and training of our staff and clients to help them move onto these platforms.
The purchase of equipment, data packages of our facilitators to be able to run the sessions is incredibly important.  As a specialist service working with people dealing with Bipolar and associated conditions like anxiety and depression, it is very important that we are there to support them in this highly volatile period.
People with facebook, meet-ups and Zoom software offering training would be able to help us a great deal.  Thank you for your support.

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