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Feminist Writers Festival

ABN: 38 613 522 222
Arts and culture
Melbourne City Council, Victoria
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
1 - 3
Number of volunteers
6 - 20

Planning for a November festival is rife with uncertainties: what size gatherings will be allowed? Is purchasing tickets realistic based on widespread loss of income? Can we expect our volunteers (on whom we rely) to come out in force when they’ll likely have other pressing concerns? 

COVID-19 has made activating our fundraising strategy nigh on impossible, so financial assistance of any sort is what we need. To pay our community of writers and to subsidise tickets for those who need them most. 

We want to ensure that conversations around the post-pandemic world take gender and other social disparity into consideration. We want to provide a voice and discussion space for those living with a disability, for trans and non-binary people, for refugees, and for First Australians. And to discuss the big issues: family violence, women's unfair share of domestic burden; financial security; access to safe healthcare.

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