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Frog Safe, Inc.

ABN: 20 283 137 035
Environment Animal welfare
Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Queensland
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
Number of volunteers
6 - 20

Because of Covid, we lost all our volunteers except our live-in person and donations have dropped to almost zero.

Our group is volunteer only and an essential service.  During the period of restrictions, Centrelink cancelled the obligations of the majority of our volunteers plus others were afraid to leave home.  Losing our helpful people has put significant pressure on our live-in person to do everything herself.

Additionally, donations have dropped off to almost zero.  Asking the public for support during this awful time when so many people have lost work doesn't acknowledge and respect the suffering that others are going through.  However, public support is all we exist on.  We don't receive support from the government.

There are always recycled goods that we can use as well but the most important one at the moment is betadine solution (povidone/iodine) which is getting harder for us to source.

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