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John Pierce Centre

ABN: 55 005 611 601
Religion Arts and culture Community development
Stonnington City Council, Victoria
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
4 - 10
Number of volunteers
21 - 100

2020 was always going to be a big year for John Pierce Centre, being our 40th year in service to the Deaf community, but no one could have imagined just how challenging it would become and the acute need for connection and support that we now face.  JPC aims to empower all Deaf people and their families living in Victoria to live their lives to the full.  We support all age groups through programs including our Signee Tots playgroup, holiday programs, Ladies' Get Together, Deaf Men's Group, Deaf Art and seniors group Pankina.  Recognising their specific language needs in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is crucial to providing tailored support, especially now.

Usually the groups run regularly and also come together for Mass and special occasions. We also assist community members with pastoral and tailored support.  Our dedicated staff and volunteers are varied, both hearing and Deaf, each with their own unique skills and experience. This allows us to adapt and meet the needs of our community as they progress through life, and as situations change. 

 This has been particularly evident during the Coronavirus pandemic. Aware of the need to continue support and connection to people already vulnerable to isolation; we have rapidly discovered new ways to engage with our community and deliver our programs. We are providing our Auslan interpreters and Deaf consultant at the televised Sunday Mass from St Patrick‚Äôs Cathedral each week. Group activities are being delivered through interactive online videos and email; and video messages of faith and reflection in Auslan have been developed by the Deaf pastoral team and Chaplain to be posted regularly online. Both staff and our community are learning new skills and utilising technology to maintain connection. 

 We have adapted and evolved during the global pandemic, just as we have over the last 40 years, always striving to provide the best service to our community. At the same time, the core of our service remains unchanged, connection through Auslan, with a focus on spiritual and community development.  But we need your financial help to ensure we can reach the most vulnerable in our community and support equal access to important information in a linguistic and culturally appropriate way.


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