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MND Queensland

ABN: 75 990 922 939
Health Human services Information and communications
Brisbane City Council, Queensland
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
11 - 20
Number of volunteers
21 - 100

MND Queensland has not stopped providing quality services and supports to people impacted by Motor Neurone Disease across the State through the COVID-19 pandemic, but our fundraising efforts have suffered terribly after we have had to cancel all of our physical fundraising events in 2020.

We have even grown our services to fill a gap that was created during the pandemic... Thanks to a generous donor we were able to seed-fund an Occupational Therapy service which was much-needed during the pandemic as many other services were cutting their face-to-face/in-home consultations, but we knew that people with MND needed this service, so we stepped up to the mark.

Due to a large grant received to replenish our MND Equipment Service, we no longer qualify for the Job-Keeper Program. While we are diversifying our income streams and earning income via NDIS-funded services, we are still heavily reliant on donations and fundraising activities to support those who do not qualify for the NDIS, especially those over the age of 65.

You can support us by donating, hosting your own fundraising event, sponsoring one of our upcoming 2021 events, becoming a member or simply sharing our posts on social media.

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