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This service helps connects not-for-profit organisations facing COVID-19-related challenges with individuals who have the will and capacity to help.

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ABN: 48 525 282 918
Economic development Community development Arts and culture Environment
Gold Coast City Council, Queensland
Annual Budget
Number of paid staff
Number of volunteers
6 - 20

We exist on government donations and philanthropic support.  We also obtain income from Welcomes to Country and from hiring out out dance troupe, song man and didgeridoo players.  We advocate for our Traditional Owner artist John Graham and our other featured local artist Goompi Ugerabah.   We seek new members.  Our membership is open to all people.  We seek to get a long term lease of farmland or bushland at or near the Gold Coast.  Financial assistance or professional help, i.e. pro bono lawyer or accountant or business adviser would be most welcome.  Our website is by WordPress and if someone could help us update our website ex gratia that would be great.  Help with writing submissions and looking for grant opportunities is our more immediate need.

Financial Donation
KOMBUMERRI BEE PTY LIMITED Our Joint Venture Partner (Native Bees and Proposed Permaculture and Market Farm)
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