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North Sydney Community Centre

ABN: 53 001 285 883
Sport & Recreation Arts and culture Unknown or not classified Health
North Sydney Council, New South Wales
Annual Budget
up to $10,000
Number of paid staff
51 - 100
Number of volunteers
21 - 100

This pandemic has greatly affected the overall sustainability of the North Sydney Community Centre.  We are asking for financial donations to help maintain our services and community engagement.

Due to government order, our centre closed its doors on March 24. Despite tremendous administrative effort, we have only been able to maintain a small income stream through online adult classes. Our other programs have ceased. We have yet to re-open face to face and financial donations would help greatly to cover our costs. Once the Centre re-opens our programming will be limited due to the social distancing regulations and additional sanitisation requirements.

Financial support will assist with administration (staff took at 20% cut) and the costs of our necessary sanitisation measures. To stay connected with the community we would like to make updates to our website and web development is expensive. Any assistance to being able to do this would also be greatly appreciated. 

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