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Spinal Life Australia

ABN: 39 293 063 049
Human services
Brisbane City Council, Queensland
Annual Budget
not disclosed
Number of paid staff
more than 100
Number of volunteers
more than 100

We have no doubt that your life has been turned upside down during this global crisis. We hope you and your family are safe. However, there are many people with spinal cord damage and other physical disabilities that are at a higher risk of being affected by COVID-19. They need assistance right now, so we hope we can rely on whatever you can possibly afford to give, to help.

Spinal Life Australia is a leading provider of support, care and advocacy services to people with spinal cord damage and other physical disabilities in QLD and WA. Our dedicated army of personal care workers provide individually tailored services including allied health, nursing care and community and in-home personal care to people of all ages.

Respiratory complications associated with spinal cord damage are the highest cause of health issues and mortality making our clients incredibly vulnerable to COVID-19.

As a result of measures taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is more important than ever that we can be there for our clients providing the same high level of care, support and service provision during a time when many will be isolated from family, friends and access to other support services.

Spinal Life Australia is continuing to provide essential services to protect the health and safety of people with spinal cord damage and other physical disabilities.

  • Our fully trained personal support workers will ensure that our clients ongoing care needs are met in the safety and comfort of their own home and through the use of appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Our advocacy team are providing one-on-one assistance to the disability community, offering critical support on individual issues while also making increased use of digital solutions to engage with customers.

  • We’re expanding life-enhancing outreach and peer support through our Queensland and WA member networks and the investigating the live group chats, virtual events and webinars.

It is times like this when we come together as a community to support those that need it most. Your gift today will help ensure that those most vulnerable during this time receive the support and care they need. Together our efforts can support people to continue to live independently at home and minimise the chance they will have to be admitted to hospital.


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