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This service helps connects not-for-profit organisations facing COVID-19-related challenges with individuals who have the will and capacity to help.

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United Way Glenelg

ABN: 97 350 905 064
Unknown or not classified
Glenelg Shire Council, Victoria
Annual Budget
not disclosed
Number of paid staff
1 - 3
Number of volunteers
6 - 20

100% of funds donated towards the United Way Glenelg COVID-19 Impact Fund will be distributed to the Samaritan Fund through our partner agencies, Portland District Hospital, Heywood Rural Health and Casterton Memorial Hospital to support individuals and families who require support that is otherwise not accessible at a crucial point in time. These health services are uniquely positoned in the community to meet the targeted needs and has a proven track record of supporting the community in partnership with United Way Glenelg. 

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