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Good Karma Effect

Supporting the growth of Good Karma Networks


In April 2016 the Kensington Good Karma Network (KGKN) was set up to connect neighbours so they could to help each other with challenges they were facing. Since then the group has grown to over 6400 members doing amazing things for each other. The network's success has inspired the creation of 32 more GKNs around Australia, now with a combined total of over 27000 members across the networks.

Good Karma Networks provide a safe space for people to be able to ask for help from their neighbours. The compassionate exchanges between people break down barriers to connection and are inspiring more of the same.

Good Karma Networks are building trust between strangers and creating connected, resilient, and resourceful communities. They are making peoples lives easier, better and happier. 

The Good Karma Effect has been set up as a charity to support the growing number of Good Karma Networks (and their volunteer administrators) to grow and continue empowering positive outcomes for all members of their communities. 

The Good Karma Effect has received considerable voluntary and 'in-kind' support over the past 12 months, however, the organisation is currently run single handedly by the founder, Amy Churchouse (also a volunteer), who is working hard to make the organisation more sustainable so that more GKNs can be supported and more positive change can be facilitated by these fabulous groups. 

As we grow we are in desperate need of not only donations but also more volunteers so we can resource the expanding network. Any donation you can make here will be put to good use. If you are interested in helping out to build strong foundations for the organisation, please get in touch  as there a number of areas where we need skills, knowledge and assistance. We are also looking for board members with specific skill sets to strengthen our board. Please contact Amy on 0403359695 if you would like more information about any voluntary positions. 


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