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Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation Ltd

Bacolod Emergency Feeding Appeal


Bacolod city is one of the most densely populated places in the Philippines.  Many people live on the streets or in crowded squatter settlements.  They struggle to make enough money to survive and support their families day-to-day.

Now with the threat of COVID-19, the people of Bacolod have been forced to deal with some of the toughest lock-down measures in the world. They are unable to work or move around the city. With no savings to fall back on, many face the real risk of starvation.  

In response, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan - who have had a presence in Bacolod for over 25 years - quickly developed an emergency feeding program, drawing on local volunteers and community support. They have been delivering over 1,000 food packs each week. 
Hot meals are delivered to people living on the streets. Food packs containing rice and other essentials are delivered to those with access to kitchens.  There are many hungry people and the Good Sams are doing all they can to make sure no one goes without. 

If you can help by making a donation to support them we would be sincerely thankful.  

Your generous donation means we can continue to provide urgently needed food relief to families in Bacolod during the coronavirus restrictions and afterwards. 

On behalf of the Sisters and community in Bacolod - thank-you for any support you can provide.  


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