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Gunawirra Gala

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This is a pitch night and a chance to network and meet people from Gunawirra and other generous supporters, like yourself.

The evening will begin with Aboriginal dancers and didgeridoo music from our most talented artists.

We offer you an amazing evening of storytelling, where three of Gunawirra’s workers and clients will pitch for 6-minutes each about our ground-breaking work supporting disadvantaged Indigenous children and their families.

What follows, is an exciting live-pledging session. It will be a highly engaging and memorable experience that you won’t want to miss.
Refreshments and canapés will be served before and after the stories and live pledging.


Mother infant therapy JESS - A mother’s Story

Graham Toomey our CEO will introduce Jess, a Gunawirra mother we have seen weekly since her baby was 3 weeks old. She will tell of her journey through life to finding Gunawirra and her discovery of herself as a mother.
We honour Jess and her contribution to the night on behalf of all Gunawirra mothers and infants. Her child is now 3 years of age.


Cate gives a small window into the serious effects on a small child
Traumatised by domestic violence. We show the way Gunawirra works to
heal trauma in our little ones.
Cate Osborn, Clinical Director and therapist.


Every Thursday the whole of Gunawirra comes to life with the noise of
mother’s talking, cooking, doing art and having lunch. Beneath this is the
darkness of poverty, loss and trauma for themselves. Their resilience is
amazing and they are joined by one thought: they want a better life for their children.
Norma Tracey Emeritus Gunawirra Founder
Child and Adult Psychoanalytic Therapist

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