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Since 1959, the Heart Foundation has been leading the battle to improve heart health and prevent premature death from cardiovascular disease. As a charity, we work with the trust and support of the community to help all Australians live in heart healthy environments, to identify and help those most at risk of heart disease, to encourage people to act quickly when having a heart attack and to care for people living with heart conditions.

At present, cardiovascular disease is responsible for one death in Western Australia every 2 hours and 24 minutes. The best way to reduce this is to provide funding to the Heart Foundation so we can continue to support the best researchers in heart health and develop new heart health initiatives that can save lives.

An example of the type of research currently being funded by the Heart Foundation is around children with congenital heart defects. One in 100 children are born with a heart defect and often we don't know why. This research is trying to solve this mystery, to spare families from the pain and uncertainty of congenital heart defects.

The Heart Foundation knows that only through research can the best outcomes be achieved for improved heart health in Australia. Presently, only one in seven research projects can be supported, so it is vital that we secure more funds to ensure we can continue to achieve significant milestones that will help save the lives of future Australians.

Leaders at the Heart Foundation WA include the President, Dr John O'Shea and the Chief Executive, Mr Maurice Swanson.

How will the funds be used?

For over 55 years, has been dedicated to saving lives by making a difference to the heart health of all Australians. Donations from the community help us to deliver the following programs:
  • fund vital research which has helped achieve major breakthroughs eg. Artificial pacemakers, heart transplants (currently we can only support 1 in 7 projects)
  • develop guidelines for health professionals
  • support patient care, and
  • help Australians to live healthier lifestyles through education and free heart health resources
Heart disease continues to be the leading single cause of death in Western Australia with 1,829 lives lost in 2011. With the growing burden of chronic health diseases on the health system, it is a good investment to support heart health initiatives. An investment of just $1 in research can be a saving of $8 to the economy.

What difference will your donation do for the Heart Foundation to fulfil its work?

  • $1 - Improvements in heart health and heart health care resulting from cardiovascular research produce and estimated saving to the economy of $8 for every dollar invested.
  • $40 - Understanding why blood clots and how these closts can be removed or prevented, is key to treating heart attack and stroke. For $40, a researcher can isolate blood cells, which can then be used to study blood clots
  • $100 - pays for a DNA test that can help identify people at high risk of heart disease and lead to new, innovative treatments.
  • $500 - provides heart health guidelines to 100 health professionals, helping them provide Australians with the best standard of care.
  • $1000 - Each year, almost 10,000 Australians die of a heart attack. For $1000 we can provide 200 Australians with a Heart Attack Action Plan Pack, helping to ensure more people recognise and survive their heart attack.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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