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Latest statistics show that 33% of deaths in Australia were due to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Most worrying is the fact that approximately 40% of Australian children show early signs of cardiovascular disease by the age of 15, this debilitating disease affects 3.4 million Australians.

At The Heart Research Institute our team of scientists work across a range of research areas to find ways to prevent death and suffering from heart disease through an understanding of the biological processes that cause atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the thickening of the arteries and the major cause of heart attack and stroke. Only through understanding the origins and mechanisms of atherosclerosis will it be possible to prevent the devastating and often lethal disease.

What is the Human Cost of Heart Disease?

  • 1 Australian dies from heart disease every 11 minutes
  • Heart disease affects 2 out of 3 Australian families
  • 400,000 Australians are hospitalised because of heart or stroke related illness each year

What is the financial cost?

  • About $14.2 billion annually

How will the funds be used?

  • To detect atherosclerosis at an early stage before it leads to clinical problems
  • To develop new treatments which can reverse the development of the disease
  • To prevent individuals from developing atherosclerosis in the future.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Training scientists to obtain the research degree of PhD.
  • Training cardiologists and related clinicians in research, again often through work leading to a PhD. This is valuable equally in relation to their abilities as clinicians, since it permits them to develop novel solutions to the problems of their patients.
  • Fostering international collaborations, and hosting sabbatical and fellowship visitors from 20 countries (so far) to work at HRI
  • Developing collaborations with Australian and multinational pharmaceutical, biotech, and food companies.

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