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Help Hussain to resettle in Canada


Help Hussain - refugee sponsorship to Canada

Hussain, a Hazara refugee from Afghanistan, was sent to Indonesia by his mother when he was only sixteen. He was fleeing for his life. Hussain had seen his father and his brother murdered by the Taliban and they were coming after him. There was not enough money or time for his mother, sister in law and her four children to go with him. Even in the depths of her grief, his mother wasted no time getting him to safety. He was alone and barely seventeen when he registered with UNHCR as a refugee.

Hussain has lived alone in Indonesia for more than five years, in the relentless limbo land where refugees wait and hope for resettlement, without rights to work or study. He has grown from a boy into a young man. He has used his time productively to learn very good English, to make many friends in other countries, and to help others.

Now, Hussain has found sponsors willing to support his application for resettlement in Canada, in a wonderful program that will provide him with citizenship, accommodation and work! But he needs our help! We want to raise $8,500AU the amount required to cover his first year in Canada. Sponsorship to Australia was our first hope, but sadly it is not a possibility at this time. We need to raise this money urgently so that Hussain does not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Here are a few words from Hussain:

”Hello everyone. I'm so excited about this opportunity! It's very hard to wait and wait to hear some news from UNHCR. Since 2014 til now I'm waiting its 5 years really long time. But I've done some great job here to improve my English and some other languages as well. And keep myself a healthy person.

I have seen first hand the very worst and the very best of humankind. I have a belief and a passion to make the world a fairer, kinder, more peaceful place. I have no state, and believe that I am a member of one race. That race is the human race . I am young and hard working! I want to contribute to society. I want to learn and use my learning and my work to make the world a better place. Please help me.”

Hussain is one of the most positive, friendly and outgoing people you could meet. He likes to read and learn, to sing, and he hopes to learn guitar one day. Hussain would love to study psychology at university, because of his interest in people and humanity, but his first priority is to work hard to help his family. In time, he hopes to help to sponsor other refugees so they, too, can build a future and help their families.

Please share Hussain’s story with your friends, colleagues, neighbours, congregation - in fact, with anyone who might donate to help Hussain have a chance at life. Ask them to ask their friends!
Thank you.


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