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On 21 March 2018, Australia21 held a roundtable of more than 30 of Australia’s health and social service organisations and policy leaders to discuss the social impact of current Australian drug laws.

The group addressed the evidence that a prohibition and law enforcement approach is not reducing illegal drug use, but is instead causing many adverse outcomes across our communities.

Help us raise $16,000 to produce and print the report from the roundtable so we can influence policy change on this important issue.

“The War on Drugs approach was well intended but failed disastrously in Australia and other countries. While unregulated manufacture and trafficking should remain serious criminal offences, Australia should adopt a more rational, more cost-effective, evidence-based and human rights approach, including decriminalisation of personal possession of drugs and better treatment options. We can’t punish people into getting better,” said former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Palmer, an Emeritus Director of Australia21.

Australia21 is an independent, not-for-profit think tank. We promote fair, sustainable and inclusive public policy through evidence-based research.

We tackle real world ‘wicked’ problems – social, economic and environmental issues that defy simple solutions – using a multidisciplinary research approach. We bring together people with different perspectives to engage openly and think laterally about effective strategies that will address the challenges confronting Australia, and we communicate our findings. Young people are essential to Australia21 and are engaged across the organisation and its projects. Importantly, we are a non‑partisan organisation and seek to engage people from across the political spectrum.

We are a small, effective outfit that relies on philanthropic grants and donations to operate.

Our key projects for 2018-2019 include Illicit Drug Policy and Social Factors, Inequality, Mindful Futures Network, Smarter about Drugs Program for young people, Making our Future Work, Existential Threats, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in first responders.

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