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Hobart Human Library

$10,206 raised so far

$10,206 raised so far

Your tax deductible donations enable us to provide our hugely successful Hobart Human Library workshops to schools, workplaces and the Tasmanian community.

The Hobart Human Library use the art of storytelling to break down barriers and build empathy. The library provides a comfortable space for 'readers' to speak informally with a human 'book'.

Our 'books' are Tasmanians who have encountered stereotyping, prejudice or discrimination - perhaps as a result of their culture, religion, background, gender, sexual orientation, appearance or wellness.

250 workshops have been delivered to over 6,900 people - in schools, workplaces and at conferences.

The library workshops are so effective for diversity training that the demand is growing and we need to recruit and train more human 'books' and volunteer 'librarians'. We also need to subsidise the cost of workshops to some schools.

$1000 will subside the cost of visits to rural schools.

$500 will subside the cost of a workshop in a school.

$100 will help to train a new human 'book'. 

We truly appreciate every dollar donated to help us fund this work.

Students, parents, teachers say …

"It helped me realise that some people can't choose who they are and what they look like, so we shouldn't judge." Grade 7 student

"Yesterday after school instead of being grunted at (haha you know how it goes with a teenage boy) I had the most amazing conversation about the 'books' who came to the school as part of the Hobart Human Library. [My son] spoke with such compassion and respect. He called each speaker by their first name and talked about the issues they faced. I had a moment where I felt incredibly proud about the kind of young man he is becoming." Grade 7 parent

"It's probably the only teaching resource that I've got that's hooked kids in the way this has, it's the highlight of my teaching year."  Teacher

Workplace participants say…

"I honestly thought it would be another boring training session but I completely loved it and enjoyed these beautiful people opening their hearts to me."

"Today has broadened my understanding of the feelings of the [human books] as well as broadening my own perceptions."

Conference organisers say…

"Attending the Hobart Human Library was a thoroughly mind-changing experience. The stories of the 'books' put their life experiences right in front of you in a personal and very private way, and showed what life in their shoes was really like. Through the art of conversation and learning, I now consider some things that I'd never thought about before. As a professional development opportunity, the Hobart Human Library takes you one step further and will provide a lasting impact on those who experience it."

"Feedback from staff in relation to the Human Library workshop was incredibly positive with many staff identifying it as the highlight of the conference."

Human 'books' say…

"HHL gives me a reason to keep on living, especially when my body is giving me a lot of trouble."

"For more than a decade, my work as a transgender advocate has involved me in attempting to break down stereotypes and assist people to understand individuals are far more than their gender identity. Without doubt, HHL has proven an amazingly effective means of doing just that. A truly fantastic venture."   

How will the funds be used?

By donating a few dollars or becoming a 'MAD Friend' ($500 donation), you are helping the Global Learning Resource Library to continue providing Hobart Human Library workshops.

Key areas of expenditure

The funds will be used to recruit and train human 'books' and volunteer 'librarians' for our Hobart Human Library workshops. Also to subside the cost of the workshops to schools.

A donation of $500 will make you a MAD Friend, $1000 a MAD Star and $5000+ a MAD Visionary. This means that you will receive complimentary membership of the Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning and the Global Learning Resource Library and other benefits. See more at


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