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Hope Street Cafe - Pay it Forward Coffees & Meals


Pre-purchase a coffee or meal and make someone's day!
The Hope Street Cafe is a social enterprise and we love to create opportunities for people to connect to community and culture. Often people on low incomes can't participate in the same way many of us do. You can help to make a difference in people's lives by donating Pay it Forward coffees and meals.

Each month, Hope Street Cafe will distribute Pay it Forward coffees and meals to local Community Services supporting people who experience homelessness, social isolation, poverty, domestic violence, poor health and/or childhood/adult trauma.

Pay it Forward menu!
Pay it Forward 1 x coffee - $5
Pay it Forward 5 x coffees or 2 x meals - $25
Pay it Forward 10 x coffees or 4 meals - $50
Pay it Forward 20 x coffees or 8 meals - $100

or nominate an amount of your choice.

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Ground Floor, 162 Boundary St


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.