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As women who have faced housing insecurity, we are dedicated to ensuring women over 55 have access to safe, affordable homes in which to age with dignity.

Housing strees disproportionately affects this demographic; The numbers are growing, with many enduring prolonged periods without secure housing. We urgently need your support for our My Home, Your Home, Our Homes Project (MYO Homes Project). We will provide vital information and actionable steps towards the creation of these essential homes.

To do this, we will host Zola Rose, who works with the community and government to achieve such outcomes in New Zealand. HOW M will conduct a series of seminars and workshops with a view to establishing demonstration housing initiatives in Southeast Queensland (SEQ). By showcasing scalable, diverse housing types, we aim to ignite citizen-led initiatives.

The My Home, Your Home, Our Homes Project will bring together a range of potential contributors from government, community, and private sector housing interests.

We aim to conduct an event to showcase new forms of housing called gentle density, collaborative housing, citizen-led, or regenerative housing. Queensland has little such housing, which is affordable and available to persons on low fixed incomes. We must build this housing to demonstrate its viability, desirability, accessibility, and benefits for individuals and for the community.

We need to raise $10,000 initially to meet the costs of conducting the seminars and workshops across SEQ.

The Housing Older Women Movement has not invited financial contributions from its supporters to date. We have had the generous support of one donor who has provided an annual contribution of $1,000 for the last three years. We have used these funds to pay for printing, amenities for meetings, and reimbursement for some volunteer-related expenses.

To ensure the success of the MYO Homes Project, we need to cover some additional costs associated with hosting the events. This includes promotion expenses to ensure that we extend this unique opportunity to as many people as possible, and at the centre of this are women impacted by the lack of affordable housing options. This situation is likely affecting someone you know, be that a family member, friend, peer in your workplace, or extended network. It might be affecting you or will likely affect you in the future. The MYO Homes Project aims to leave a legacy of housing for women that offers real choices and community connection that eliminates social isolation. In the medium to longer term, we will need your support to engage the services of others, including planners, designers, and financial and legal advisors.

Your support is critical in introducing innovative, gentle, density housing solutions that cater to diverse needs, improve residents'quality of life, and enhance community cohesion. We can't accomplish this alone. Your contribution will empower our advocacy efforts, uniting expertise and skills to realise our shared vision. Every donation makes a tangible difference. Join us in ensuring older women in Queensland have a safe home.

Thank you for supporting us.

Please use the links provided to learn more about the housing types the MYO Homes Project aims to see developed in Queensland

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