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EOFY Appeal - Local Solutions to a Global Crisis


Last year, when Covid-19 hit, you stepped up and helped when all hope was lost.

“I feel very hopeful because I don’t have to worry about whether I can feed my family each day,” Bronh, a participant in the Home Food Garden Project.

What’s Happening in Cambodia?

Whilst the situation has improved in Australia, it has worsened in Cambodia. 

There is limited government support, resulting in thousands being reliant on HHA Cambodia to access food and education.

The new outbreak in February 2021 forced schools to shut down again indefinitely with a decimating effect on the economy.

Your donation can help

The impact of Covid in Cambodia is equivalent to losing five years of human development progress. You can stop this.

Your support of our EOFY appeal will help the team in Cambodia continue to support the community with producing food, helping with emergency assistance, education and training. 

Thank you.

  • $10 can provide a month of English language education to a child living in poverty
  • $47 can provide an emergency food pack
  • $135 can provide a family with access to farming training to improve food security.
  • $1,250 can help a woman provide for her child through sewing training
  • $5,300 can fund a teacher’s salary for a year

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.