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Huntington's WA

Hope, Dignity and Awareness for those with Huntington's


Founded in 1974, Huntington's WA (Inc) is the only non-profit organisation in WA formed specifically to provide support for those in the community affected by Huntington's Disease.
Huntington's WA offers education, counselling and home visits, promotes research and is an advocate for the HD Community. Our services focus on the quality of life and dignity of the individuals and their families.

What’s it all about?
Huntington's Disease (HD) is an inherited disease affecting areas in the brain which control movement, thinking and emotion. It has a slow progression, and symptoms gradually worsen over time.
Huntington's WA works to empower those affected by Huntington's Disease to meet the extraordinary challenges they face. Currently, Huntington's WA provides support for approximately 160 families and communities who are affected by HD.

How a donation makes a difference.
As a small charity, Huntington's WA are dependent on donations and fundraising events to supplement the funding received through grants and philathropic contributions. Income raised by donations are used to support the ongoing provision of services including;

  • Home visits to those symptomatic.
  • Organising support groups (youth, gene positive, symptomatic, carers).
  • Raising awareness and understanding about HD.
  • Operation of a thearapeutic Day Centre program.
  • Financial assistance to those affected.
  • Collaborating in research projects related to Huntington's Disease.
  • Counselling services.
  • Information and resource services for the HD community and allied health professionals. 
  • Advocacy and referral services.

By donating to Huntington's WA, you help transform the lives of those affected by HD.

Further information about Huntington's Disease and the services Huntington's WA provides is available from our website -
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Thank you for your support.

Lenni Duffield
Executive Director


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.