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Huntington's WA

Hope, Dignity and Awareness for those with Huntington's


Huntington's Disease is a hereditary neurological condition that leads to progressively deteriorating muscle co-ordination and cognitive ability, drastically impacting the quality of life of those who are symptomatic. However, the impact of this disease affects not just the individual themselves, but also their carers, families and the communities they live in. There is still no cure for Huntington's Disease.

Huntington's Western Australia aims to help provide those affected with the best possible quality of life through advocacy, support and education. We are currently helping approximately 150 families and communities affected by Huntington's Disease.

How will the funds be used?

All funds will go towards supporting HWA in running our services.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Organising support groups (Youth Support, Gene Positive, Carers Group, Symptomatic)
Raising awareness and understanding about Huntington's Disease
Operating a weekly day care centre
  • Providing financial assistance to those affected
  • Collaborating in research projects related to Huntington's Disease
  • Counselling for individuals and families
  • Providing information and resources for the Huntington's Disease community and health care professionals
  • Fundraise for this cause

    Contact Details

    The Niche 11 Aberdare Rd
    NEDLANDS WA, 6009

    Are donations tax deductible?


    Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

    Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.