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Baby in Mind

An Appeal for Every Baby


Mental illness affects 1 in 4 Australians...
...yet 50% of all mental illness is preventable

by ensuring that babies and very young children receive the foundations they need for life-long mental health (ARACY, 2013).

Sadly, however, evidence-based infant mental health promotion programs do not receive any systematic government funding and health workers are not automatically trained to promote and protect infant mental health.

That's where you can help.

Baby in Mind works with Australian families, and their health care and welfare professionals, using evidence-based strategies to help prevent the development of mental illness and to promote life-long mental health. We work in situations where babies and young children are at high risk of developing mental health complications and vulnerabilities: such as neonatal intensive care, child protection and foster care programs, prisons, disability services, drug and alcohol services, young parent programs, and postnatal depression support programs, as well as families in the general community. Importantly, we also provide accredited training to health workers to help improve the capacity of community organisations to ensure all babies and children have the best opportunity for life-long mental health.

Here at Baby in Mind, our fundraising expenses are kept well-below average, and your donation is never spent on general administrative overheads. All general donations and fundraising is directed into programs that directly reach families in Australia.

Your donation means so much to us, and gives a little baby or young child a life-time gift of mental health...when brain development is most rapid, when prevention has its greatest impact, and at the time it matters most.

Thank you so much for your support.

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