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A Just Cause: IARC's Public Interest Work

IARC sees vulnerable clients and hears distressing stories every day. Rather than becoming immune to these stories, we become increasingly outraged. So many people have matters where decisions have been made than can, or should, be challenged as a matter of law, principle or common decency. As a matter of principle, IARC takes on these matters, some of which take years to resolve.

The complexity of immigration law and the vulnerability of people who are affected by these decisions means that if they do not receive expert legal assistance, their matters will not progress. The consequences are often catastrophic, with people remaining in immigration detention or being sent back to their country of origin where their safety is compromised.

Support A Just Cause. Allow IARC to continue to challenge unfair decisions, unjust law and make the voices of asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants heard. Help IARC fight for people who need our help. 

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