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Living Out: IARC's LGBTIQ Program

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"Asylum seekers who are LGBTI / queer suffer very particular disadvantages when making legal claims for protection. They're subject to decision makers who are very poorly trained in LGBTI issues. They tend to operate on a stereotypical basis."

Professor Gillian Triggs President of the Australian Human Rights Commission

In the 78 countries around the world that still criminalise homosexuality over 175 million LGBTIQ identifying people worldwide face state sanctioned persecution.

We help people to live out in Australia. IARC has expertise in assisting people who are same sex attracted, trans*, intersex, queer or questioning to obtain humanitarian protection visas. This is often time consuming and complex work.

Lines of enquiry by decision makers in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) are often based on stereotypical understandings of how sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex variation is expressed or understood in Australia. These understandings are not necessarily reflective of how LGBTIQ people live in Australia or how asylum seekers from non-Western cultures who may be used to living in fear and concealing and denying their sexual orientation or gender identity have been forced to live.


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